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How do we create travel memories and give opportunities to CAU students? 

So come graduation day, they are handed a diploma wrapped in an immense loan debt payment plan that have generational implications.

Saddled with this debt, their ability to generate wealth, purchase a home, raise a family, and live the American dream morphs into a living nightmare.
Understanding the Root Cause
Announcing A Student Debt Reducer
Jerry Ellis
Travel Entrepreneur

Jerry Ellis because of his personal experience with student debt has made a life commitment to eliminate student loan debt.

He was extended debt reduction grace as a college sophomore at Clark Atlanta University.

This gift enabled him to finish his college education.

He is leading the charge of small businesses innovatively using their business enterprises to reduce student loan debt at Clark Atlanta!

He has formally entered into partnership with Clark Atlanta to give back 50% of his earning from travel booked through a special designated travel site!

He has dubbed this initiative the travel multiplier, because here you gain priceless memories while giving students of Clark Atlanta life enabling opportunities.
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